Thursday, May 31, 2012

Final Distribution

We did it! Can you believe it? We delivered 240 Grace Packages to the people of Kosrae.

We went back to Utwe earlier this week to finish them off, but it turns out we hit every house in Utwe! Can you believe it?!  That's pretty cool. As we looked at each other in awe, we questioned what we were going to do with the rest of them.  We opted to deliver them to the people of Fomseng, which is in our neck of the woods.  Because we were running low on time to distribute the packages, we opted to deliver them at night.  See, the community is different here...if they know you and you give them a gift, they feel obligated to give back - it's very much a give and take community.  We didn't want that.  That's why we opted to give them away during the night.  We wanted the people to wake up to a little surprise strings attached.

Around 1:00 on Thursday morning, we set out to deliver the packages.  Frankly, we were both terrified. The dogs...the dark...the unknown! (Okay, maybe we are being a bit dramatic...)  Everything went smoothly with the delivering.  We managed to hit our entire road, which was roughly 45 houses.

As we woke up the next morning, we set off to Bully's to grab some coffee.  The moment we arrived one of the waitresses yelled, "SHRUE! (Sarah's island name) There was a package on my door this morning.  Do you know who it is from? My mom said it might have been you because you are Christian."  As we gave each other "the look", we opted to play dumb.  Sarah responded, "Really? A package? What was in it? Who was it from?"  She proceeded to tell us everything that was in it - she was thrilled!

Last night we had a huge family get together.  As we sat down to eat, we could hear our family discussing the packages, speculating who could be.  The Mormons? The Baptists? We both asked curiously what they were talking about and all of them exclaimed in explanation about this mysterious package.

HA! Needless to say it was fun for us to watch and hear.  We think they all know it was us...or at least have a good idea that we are somehow tied into the equation. Last night someone said, "Kun! (Craig's island name) They used the same brown bags as you." We totally breezed over that comment.

We want to say THANK YOU to all of those that participated in the Grace Project.  We ask that you continue to pray for the people of Kosrae.  This is when they are going to need you most - God is going to come into their lives and start working.  If people write, please write back - be faithful and intentional in your writing.  This is a golden opportunity to water the seed that has been planted.

Some prep work pictures...amazing that this is what we started with!

Organized choas

Doesn't this stress you out? Yea, us too.


Thousands of termites ate through half of our bags.
Good thing we ordered extra!

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