Friday, May 25, 2012

:'( ---> Words Cannot Describe

Nina Lordina: "Saturday Kun Shrue wacngihn Kosrae."  
(Craig and Sarah are leaving on Saturday)

They know it. We know it. Reality is starting to hit all of us. We are leaving in exactly one week. How are we doing? One word: terrible.  

Pray for us.  We knew this week would be tough, but we think its going to be a lot harder than we anticipated.

The week of goodbyes starts today with the WorldTeach crew.  Best of luck to you all! It was a pleasure serving the people of Kosrae with you.

This week we will be celebrating Jun and Robena's birthday, SCUBA diving, hiking (well, more like walking up a hill), and spending sweet, sweet time with our family. 

Oh yea...annnnnd we need to deliver 45 Grace Packages...(island mentality has hit us hard this year...)


  1. Hey girl!! Thinking of you and PRAYING for you!! Thanks for the scoop on what's happening in your last week. Love you guys!

  2. Thinking of you two! Enjoy Hawaii together. I had about four or five people recognize my skirts in Hawaii. I talked to people from Palau, Chuk, aaaand Kosrae!! Safe travels.


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